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Try to get 90% Isopropyl, since that will clear the glass pipes quicker than a 71 percent solution that has been diluted with water. Isopropyl Alcohol is safe for cleaning your clean glass pipes, just be sure and wash it very well in hot water after you finish cleaning to get rid of any remaining isopropyl. It might even take several uses before you are able to get your pipes totally clean, but it is worth it not having to use Isopropyl Alcohol.

Just use the cleaner, but switch out Isopropyl Alcohol for vinegar, and coarse salt for washing soda. Follow the same steps as you did for the alcohol-salt method, but instead use the solution of your choice. If you do not wish to use the salt & alcohol method, or a different solution, you can use boiling water.

If you do not have a cleaning solution, and you do not want to use alcohol & salt, you can put the water to boil on a burner, lower the heat, and saturate the pipes while the water is simmering for about a half-hour or so. Remove any alcohol and salt from the glass tube using a bit of warm pipe water, and throw the remainder in the trash, since this will smell bad in the sink and pipes if left unattended. Wash the pipes with soapy warm water to remove any gunk, tar, and cleaning solutions.

Cover the opening, and agitate the water pipe until it starts looking clean. Once you have cleaned your part as desired, wash it in some hot water and allow to dry thoroughly, approximately 1-2 hours, before using. For best results, cover the pipe opening with duct tape or paper, fill with one part solvent, one part salt, and one part blank, and then shake in a Ziplock bag for several minutes.

In this case, place the part in a ziplock bag (like this silicone reusable bag made specifically for cleaning pipes) and fill with isopropyl alcohol until the pipe is soaked. Fill the bong or pipe about as full as water in isopropyl alcohol, and add in a handful of salt. Add a dash of fresh Isopropyl, then allow the glass pipe to sit, immersed in the liquid, for several hours, then shake again.

Place your pipe into a small glass container filled with just enough nail polish remover to cover your pipe. Once the baking soda has dissolved some, add a little vinegar to help further loosen any gunk, and to help ensure that the pipe is clean. Isopropyl Alcohol breaks down resins and gunk that has built up inside the pipe, as well as helping remove the stains cannabis resin leaves behind.