At present, the more common hookahs in the collection market are composed of pipes, straws, water pipes, cigarette holders, and hand rests. Some are cast as a whole, and some can be separated. The material of hookah is mostly white copper, but also brass, red copper, silver, aluminum, porcelain and other textures, and there is no shortage of inlaid gold, silver, jade, cloisonne. Their shapes are flat, diamond, round, hexagonal, trumpet, etc. The pot body is exquisite in workmanship, usually using techniques such as shallow chiseling, sun carving, embossing, deep engraving, and cloisonné enamel. The carved patterns have a wide range of themes, most of which are auspicious and festive patterns such as magpie red plum, Songhe Yannian, bamboo for peace, and carp jumping on the dragon gate. The pot body is connected to a straw shaped like a crane's head, ranging in height from 20 to 30 cm, and is inserted with small pendants such as smoking tongs and thru needles.