Bongs are a great way to smoke, they use water to cool and filter the smoke, resulting in a particularly smooth, clean-tasting and potentially healthier smoking experience. But not everyone knows how to use them properly. Whether you're new to glass or a veteran, here's a guide on how to smoke a bong.

1. Prepare your glass bong

Begin with a clean bong so you can have the most fun. So make sure your bong is ready before doing anything else. Then fill the bong with water, the exact amount of water you should pour will vary depending on the size of the bong you are using. Lower levels will provide a more see-through experience, while higher levels will provide a rumbling thump. Try to find your favorite water level! If you need to find high quality bongs, you can find them online at RORA BONG.

2. Grind your herbs

Ground herb tends to burn better, so we recommend using a grinder! As the device will give you the most uniform grind. If you don't have a grinder, you can use a sharp pair of scissors or even your fingers. No matter which method you use, the goal is to break up the nug into small chunks that are more or less the same size.

3.Pack the herbs in the bong bowl.

Use your fingertips to pick up a pinch of herb while your weed is being ground. Carefully place a handful of weed in a bowl. Don't pack the bowl too tightly, though, or you may have problems getting the smoke out of the bowl. Add enough hemp to fill the bowl to the top, then slide the bowl into the lower bar.

4. Light up your herbs

At this point, you're ready to start smoking your bong. Use a lighter or a marijuana wick to light the corner of the bowl. As you do this, place your mouth over the mouthpiece and start pulling with your lungs. There's no need to be too aggressive with your pull; give it a smooth and steady resistance. You will see smoke coming out of the bowl through the lower rod and starting to bubble up in the water.

5. Clear the chamber

Once the chamber is filled with your desired level of smoke, pull out the bowl so fresh air can flow through the chamber. Be sure to continue to inhale with your lungs, take a puff, and hold it in your lungs for a short period of time before blowing out to enjoy maximum effect. Be sure to continue pulling in with your lungs.

6. Clean your bong

When you’re ready, the bong quickly becomes dirty, smelly and resin-bonded after each use. To keep your bong in pristine working condition, clean it after each use, clean the bowl and base, and clean all parts for the next use.