For smokers who know how to have a good time, they often have a range of bongs and pipes that help take their smoking experience to the next level. In recent years, one type of pipe is the sweet puff. Since these discreet glass pipes offer a completely different experience than pipes, sweet puffs can be a great pipe to use when you want to mix.

The pipes sold in our online smoke shop are glass pipes designed for smoking concentrates or essential oils. Also known as concentrate tubes, these vaping tubes are for all smokers who don't want to smoke but prefer to vaporize legal concentrates.

Why use sweet puffs

While countless people are perfectly happy to smoke with a pipe, pipe or blunt force, over the past few years more and more smokers have turned to sweet puff pipes. These small pipes are usually made of risk-free borosilicate Pyrex glass, which is heat resistant, durable and easy to clean. Also known as tubing or concentrate, the small sweet puffs make it especially popular with those who like smoke on the move.

A sweet pipe is something you can easily put in your pocket for easy portability. While many of them are made of straight clear glass, you can also add some personality and make him a uniquely shaped sweet puff.

Take a sweet smoke

The glass sweet puff design may be relatively simple, but first time users can sometimes have a hard time loading the pipe.

Smoking with weed or tobacco is a bit tricky because you have to avoid touching the hottest part of the flame to the glass, but generate enough heat to ignite the grass. You'll know it's hot enough when it starts to sizzle. With sweet puffs, there is little resistance to inhalation. Be careful not to pull too tight.

Clean your sweet puffs

It is important to clean your pipe regularly because the cleaner the pipe, the more enjoyable your smoking will be. Otherwise, you're bound to end up finding your bong or pipe full of ash and tar. This advice of course also applies to sweet puffs, although one of their main advantages is that they are easy to clean.