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    Sweet Puff

    Sweet puff pipes also called oil or concentrate pipes became lately very popular. Many smokers prefer vaporizing to smoking classic glass pipes, therefore you can find sweet puff pipes also in our online smoke shops. Concentrate pipes are special glass pipes intended for smoking all kinds of smokeable liquids.

    Main attributes of the sweet puff pipes

    Our sweet pipes are hand blown of hard borosilicate Pyrex glass, which is absolutely health safe and heat resistant. Pyrex is also known as a very durable and strong kind of glass, but it is still glass so it is not unbreakable as many people think. Sweet puff pipes from our offer are made of pure glass, but can be also decorated with stripes in different colors or silver fumed with a nice color-changing effect. All concentrate pipes are equipped with an anti-roll marble, which serves as a small handle for better stability. It is possible to choose from two different types and sizes: straight and short tubes or longer and bent tubes. The size of the bowl itself is the same.

    How to smoke out of a sweet puff pipe

    Smoking out of a sweet puff pipe is different than a classic pipe but quite easy. You put any smokeable concentrate inside the bowl and then heat the bowl with a flame from a special torch /not sold in our online smoke shop/. Once there is sufficient vapor, you start to inhale. Don't hold the smoke in your lungs for too long! Let your concentrate pipe cool down and clean it properly after each use, so you can enjoy the next vaporizing again. To clean the sweet puff pipes we recommend our special pipe cleaners - a set of 5 pcs, which can fit easily in the narrow tube. For the bowl would be fine pipe wipes or smoking pipe liquid cleaner.

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